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The BIG Cruise to Alaska
The BIG Cruise to Alaska

A cruise to Alaska can offer some of the most spectacular, enchanting, and naturalistic sights any location on the Earth could ever offer.  These could be from seeing the resident wildlife, including the mammoth breaching humpback whales, to the calving of primordial glaciers into sub-zero seas.  A cruise to Alaska will not only be on sea, the coastal ports also offer a unique look into one of the world’s oldest cultures, historical events (from Russian settlements to gold rush boomtowns.) that have not only shaped Alaska, but neighbouring Canada and even the America too.

A cruise to Alaska could also cover nearly 570,000 square miles and other than the obvious coastal attractions – it also covers in-land excursions too.  Often publicised as “America's last unspoiled frontier”, a cruise to Alaska boasts millions of acres of opulent plantations, blizzard-capped snowy mountains, arctic tundra and copious wildlife.

Cruise to Alaska & Tours

On a cruise to Alaska, one the best ways to get the best from Alaska is find some kind of specialist Alaska Cruise Tour.  What these do, is combine the best parts of both sea and land, mostly spending equal parts on each and offering a more in-depth, and historical look into a particular region.

A cruise to Alaska can include an Inside Passage cruise (a unique and stunning passage through Vancouver, British Columbia – to the ports as far as Skagway.  This route is actually rich with amazing glaciers and passageways.)  And then there is the other option, the gulf of Alaska Cruise.  (This cruise to Alaska covers the State’s majestic coast north, even as far as Anchorage.)

The land part of this particular part of the cruise to Alaska can be taken after, or even before the actual cruise, with sights such as the Yukon gold rush country or the Canadian Rockies (with Rockies Train) Denali National Park. Also included in the cruise to Alaska are overnight stays in some of the world’s most stunning wilderness lodges and/or hotels.  Transportation between sites is provided via equally stunning coach or glass-domed trains (The Rocky Mountaineer) who offer views like no other, and the passing scenery of the mountains, snow and glorious woodland is absolutely stunning.

Guided sightseeing on a cruise to Alaska is not uncommon, and meals are often included in the land package, making cruise tours a great value.

Cruise to Alaska & Value

If you plan in advance, foresee and research what exactly you want to get out of your cruise to Alaska, you can make amazing savings.  Alaska cruises that feature the land-based section first, then the final cruise from Vancouver, are ultimately the most popular – and normally, they sell out first.  But our advice (cheapcruises) would be to take the cruise option first.

Along with a lower price-tag, a cruise to Alaska via ocean first offers another, more tempting perquisite. The bonus is, you can kick back, relax and take in the wildlife, scenic views, and then enjoy the lively, more involving activities of land travel towards the end.  And then there’s the famous quote…

This was one of the places people told me to go, it was one the big trips that you should see: Alaska.”

Jeff Goldblum

Cruise to Alaska & Offers

Denali National Park is the main highpoint of any cruise to Alaska, embracing 6 million acres of unspoiled lands of green trees, mountains and snow; it is also where you will find Mount McKinley, America’s highest peak. This is where you catch a glimpse of grizzly bears, caribou and curly-horned Dall sheep.

In partnership with Carnival, Cheapcruises offers “Alaska Cruise & Rockies Traincruise to Alaska, which includes…

·         Flight from London to Chicago

·         2 nights hotel stay in Chicago

·         2 nights Amtrak train travel from Chicago to Seattle via Rockies (Private Roomette and Full board meals)

·         2 nights hotel stay in Seattle

·         7 nights Alaska cruise on the beautiful Carnival Miracle (Full Board meals)

·         Flight from Seattle to London

This offer is a best seller which has returned for 2013… your cruise to Alaska features the awesome Rocky Mountains but also the wonderful wilderness of Alaska. This package includes flights to Chicago where on your cruise to Alaska, you will spend nights exploring all that the ‘windy city’ has to offer. You will then board Amtrak for your two night train adventure across the heart of America culminating in a journey through the heart of the Rocky Mountains. You will have your own private roomette and it is full board on the train. Upon arriving in Seattle, you will have a 2 night hotel stay allowing you time to explore her historic districts before boarding the captivating Carnival Miracle for an amazing journey to the unspoilt wilderness of Alaska on your 7 Night cruise to Alaska.

Cruise to Alaska & Further Details

Your cruise to Alaska could be somewhat limited in regards to a time window.  Alaska cruise tour season is comparatively short, lasting from May to September. During this period, Alaska experiences long hours of daylight, up to 23 hours of light per day in June. Itineraries can run nine to 21 days, including a land portion of at least three days.

The most affordable rates are offered in May and September, the season's off-peak periods.

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